Shelving Sizes

Wide Range of Wire Shelving Sizes and Shapes

We offer over several dozens of wire shelving units types and categories, each differs in size, shape, functionality or finish of material used. Ranging from the narrowest wire shelving units all the way to large, heavy duty format for bulk loads wire shelves, the customer can always choose the right quantity of storage for the necessary space. Also, all our shelve products could be extended to accommodate more loads, or reduced to an existing wire shelving unit or eventually create their custom wire shelving unit. There is NSF certification on all our shelving racks with grading for up to 800 lbs. of bulk storage. Furthermore, for bulk purchases discounts are… Read More

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Wire Shelving Units

Wire Shelving Units Available Online

The increasing requests from our customers encouraged us to give all the product details about wire shelving units via our website that is updated on regular basis. All over the country, our customers looking for superb and the best quality of wire shelving units can easily locate our industrial products through our online images, orientate themselves, and make orders, no matter where they are shopping from. We have also established partnerships with some of the best suppliers of industrial materials and offer equally high-quality products throughout our retail network and local warehouses, as well as via online shopping sites. Since our success online, we reached the decision to expand to… Read More

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Production of Wire Shelving

Premium Quality Production of Wire Shelving Units

All our wire shelving units are manufactured of premium class welded construction parts, with additional enforcement for high strength characteristics. The wire is particularly desirable material in the production of shelving units because it allows for good ventilation, keeping goods dry and light to enable quick access and increased product visibility. On the other hand, it prevents dust and dirt accumulation and supports 600-800 lb. Loads per each shelving unit. It comes in various finishes according to the design of your office, shop or home, as chrome, stainless steel, preform, and endurance. To achieve added value and functionality from our wire shelving units, we have created caster carts system, which… Read More

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