Production of Wire Shelving

All our wire shelving units are manufactured of premium class welded construction parts, with additional enforcement for high strength characteristics. The wire is particularly desirable material in the production of shelving units because it allows for good ventilation, keeping goods dry and light to enable quick access and increased product visibility. On the other hand, it prevents dust and dirt accumulation and supports 600-800 lb. Loads per each shelving unit. It comes in various finishes according to the design of your office, shop or home, as chrome, stainless steel, preform, and endurance.

To achieve added value and functionality from our wire shelving units, we have created caster carts system, which provides versatility and flexibility to your daily operations, and inventory processes, by turning your shelves into a vertical transport system. Depending upon the intended usage of your storage system, will depend on the type of the wheels or caster that you will need. Decorative casters are great for smaller kitchen storage units and will suit your needs perfectly, such as a kitchen cart, and for heavy storage stand caring heavy products in a secure room, you will require polyurethane casters.

If you visit our wire shelving products page, you will be able to find all relevant information to make appropriate choice and see images of the categories and types that we sell. We take our responsibility seriously and update our online information accordingly to exceed your expectations. Our commitments are kept until the final checkup together with your or your representative to ensure thorough customer satisfaction. We are not satisfied if we do not fulfill all your requirements with effective and budget friendly tracking plan to construct storage system that complements well and goes along with your space design. To your advantage our installations are especially well interfaced with existing building structures, to allow for maximum air flow, and penetration of light.

We use enterprise software modules for planning and tracking of relevant information to keep you updated regarding the progression of the storage units, and any issues we may have are directed to you or solved in the minimum possible time frame. We are making sure to provide enough consultations for prompt identifications of the various issues and keeping ahead of the stocking of our supplies for any particular parts that we may need to procure. For example, we have threaded and non-threaded casters that are different in size, to match your particular wire shelving unit leveling. Furthermore, all our threaded casters match all of our stands by a simple twist and since they are the same shape as the feet on all posts.

To protect contamination from the floor dirt and dust, the bottom shelf unit is always made solid and is leveled above the ground, when the storage unit is used for transportation. There are several components which the storage stand is made of, and it consists of posts, wire shelves, solid shelf, and casters with brakes. All non-threaded casters are made as mobile storage solution if the post a universal fit for all one-inch shelves in space.