Wire Shelving

Our additional features of wire shelving units are a lifetime warranty against rust for rust proof and anti-microbial categories. The wire shelving units are manufactured and processed with the top of the line overlay finish.  An anti-microbial agent further protects the coating of the wire material from bacteria, fungus and decay that causes blemishes, provokes unpleasant odors and shortens the lifespan. Although it could be used in any facility, the best handled all are wet and extremely moist environmental conditions.

Our rust proof shelving category holds a ten-year guarantee against rust and deterioration. It possesses a true powder with chromate or zinc plating that certifies a strong hard-wearing finish that gives the look of chrome, or stainless steel and it handles extreme environment conditions such as temperature and moisture in even superior manner. Perfect for dry storages, coolers or freezers with a decade of warranty against rust and corrosion.

National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) certification gives our shelving perfect intended use in health care facilities, beverage and food services and industrial storerooms. A strong spot-on powder coat with zinc plating will give your wire storage facility a durable finish that will stay resistant to deterioration or corrosion. It can be manufactured with a popular chrome-look wire shelving to get the uniform look of your storage area, as well as the same quality product all along with a ten-year assurance against rust development. There is a 400 – 800 lbs. Capacity for each shelf while the strength of industrial finish rates this shelving as one of the finest in its category.

The industrial finish gives wire shelving its superior quality will stay sturdy even in the wettest conditions, both hot and cold extreme temperatures. In its guaranteed lifetime, it will stay without any rust or deterioration as the highest performing type of wire shelving. We are so assertive in this particular type of finish that we backed it up with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Not only that, the blue metallic surface will be safe as well from spilled chemicals, corrosion, fungus, mold and other microorganisms. Therefore, we are treating this fine quality storage product with an anti-microbial agent at the end, to protect the coating from growth of germs, fungus or molds, which again makes it ideal for commercial and industrial uses, health care or alimentary purposes. We are promising to outlast all types of finishes available on the market, at more competitive prices and will handle all cold and heat conditions by meeting the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation.

Another consideration to be made of is the material of the wheels called casters that give the unit its transportability. There are rubber casters that do not support much weight as the hard plastic ones. In opposition, plastic casters are dense and hard to roll over rubble without damaging the rotational wheel – they are intended for indoor use. There is also an offer of the decorative caster, for light weights of up to 150 lbs. And also does not transport as freely as the other options, but is very nice for use at home.