Shelving Sizes

We offer over several dozens of wire shelving units types and categories, each differs in size, shape, functionality or finish of material used. Ranging from the narrowest wire shelving units all the way to large, heavy duty format for bulk loads wire shelves, the customer can always choose the right quantity of storage for the necessary space. Also, all our shelve products could be extended to accommodate more loads, or reduced to an existing wire shelving unit or eventually create their custom wire shelving unit. There is NSF certification on all our shelving racks with grading for up to 800 lbs. of bulk storage. Furthermore, for bulk purchases discounts are available for independent workers or contractors, please visit our site for more details.

To best equip your space with our custom made shelves in three easy steps, please use the following guideline to construct the perfect storage shelving unit to correspond to your particular storage needs. Measure and pick the height of the shelve posts accordingly, choose the size of the wire shelf surface that will best fit your available space, pick the shape of the shelves – rectangular, triangular, radial or pentagonal, add casters, lines or ledges to outfit your racks with functionalities and added value.

You can create almost every shape or size to fit your home with our multipurpose wire shelving components that assemble well together, just by following simple guidelines as the ones already mentioned. You can order components only if you want to try your creative luck, but we also provide a collection of pre-assembled shelving units as you see fit. Pick the size of the shelf needed, some levels, the height of the posts, and category of wire shelving unit you have on your mind: corner unit, wine rack, etc. There are thousands of storage combinations with over hundred sizes of chrome or stainless steel wire shelves, with a big assortment of shelving accessories to expand its utility and organize your inventory in lesser time.

For instance, our most popular high-class design product has corner sustaining such as the triangular, radius, and especially Pentagon shelves. For safety and durability of your storage shelves vertical and horizontal integrity is of utmost importance, for your and safety of your customers. Safety brackets and decking materials can increase esthetics and stability of your item stored on the shelves. You should check on the regular basis to ensure that the condition of your wire shelving units is by standards, without any deflections.

If you purchase our components for brand posts, they fit as well, only the precondition is that you have to remove the threaded insertion in the bottom of the post. No tools are needed for this action, as it can be easily done by free hand. On the other hand to fasten non-threaded caster, insert again the stem into the post. To remove it, you need to find a long rod that will be inserted through to the other end of the post and force the stem out automatically.