At our site, you can choose and create a custom wire shelving units using from different wire shelving parts and fittings. For added strength of your wire shelving units you can place corner enforcements, an additional number of shelves for increased storage space and liners so items do not slide over through the wire. We pride ourselves by supplying you with the finest quality wire storage products, as well as always adding value by enhancing capabilities with creative design and post-sales services. Therefore, by buying extra parts and units you can redesign your wire shelving system according to your evolving needs and preserve it in perfect condition.

To avoid any delays in delivery of our storage products and streamline our post sales services we have stocked our supplies with most wanted wire shelving parts and accessories. We keep our internal crews available across the country, by utilizing nationwide fitting firms with required experience and assessed certification. In some cases, to keep the things rolling even smoother, there is a pre-assembly support for many popular wire shelving units which minimizes the construction time and costs needed. In added convenience and to minimize your personal disturbance of your busy schedules, we will build, maintain and keep complete construction of your shelving job, if our warehouse allows it for as long as your facility does not become ready for delivery and installation.

Years of obtained skills made us industry leaders with the proven expertise we have access to resources from high qualified and certified vendors, allowing the best quality materials and technology in production processes of wire shelves. If you combine standard products with our latest and innovative ones. As a result, you will be able to create custom designs to meet your specific needs. We have therefore developed a quality brand and encourage a strong sense of pride and community in our employees and our customers. Our company’s goal was to do everything possible to aid our customers in their organization and space allocation by effectively using the most affordable storage solutions available.

By careful selection of wire shelving accessories and parts, you can get advantages of our most exclusive units coming in standard sizes from eight inches deep by eight inches wide to the way large units of 36 inches deep by 72 inches wide. We always recommend  using high-quality products for the prolonged lifetime of our storage products and the most efficient organization and maintenance of your household inventory. Even in the case of arranging and making your retail space such as the floor shop more resourceful use of shop floor is to use high-quality storage that is highly adaptable according to the design of your space.

Wire shelving units are especially good for unpackaged warehouse inventory and are recognized for their long-lasting feature as a solution used for a variety of purposes. Coming from a wide variety of trades and industries with diverse needs and terms our customers’ satisfaction becomes our highest priority.