Wire Shelving Units

The increasing requests from our customers encouraged us to give all the product details about wire shelving units via our website that is updated on regular basis. All over the country, our customers looking for superb and the best quality of wire shelving units can easily locate our industrial products through our online images, orientate themselves, and make orders, no matter where they are shopping from. We have also established partnerships with some of the best suppliers of industrial materials and offer equally high-quality products throughout our retail network and local warehouses, as well as via online shopping sites.

Since our success online, we reached the decision to expand to another consumer market segment, by including in our offer storage products that help organize life better. To reveal those residential products and house our additional collection, we have been constantly adding items to the website to assist you in improving your space usage, depending on intent, whether you need storage for the house, office or a shopping floor.

Wire shelving units are particularly used for great brightness, visibility, and easy stock replacement features. Shelves are predominantly modifiable in one-inch additions and have a 400 to 800 pounds loading capacity. For even greater efficiency wire shelves can be mounted on stationary or mobile units with wheels for transporting the goods with chrome finish. Other available finishes are stainless steel, preform, and endurance.

Chrome is a bright, glossy finish that is the result of a plating process where this element is placed on a nickel surface. It is one of our most popular types of finishes available, not only because of its extreme longevity but also for it is handy for almost any type of application.  Stainless Steel possesses special electro polish to prevent the corrosion in the most effective way. It is used for practical purposes to keep the rooms that have moisture air clean or any sanitary environments, and everywhere else where corrosion is highly possible.

Proform is, on the other hand, an ideal solution for even higher humidity rooms or constantly wet environments where an anti-bacterial agent is electrostatically applied to treat surface contributing to the anti-microbial protection that comes in light green shades. Endurance has been recently developed finish with a lifetime warranty due to its outstanding behavior in high humidity or for corrosive applications with an overlay of an anti-microbial agent, too, coming in blue nuances.

Our wire shelving units have been produced of welded constructions parts with additional wire trussing. It adds to the shelves strength characteristics while wire allows the air to flow. The penetration of light increases product discernibility and keeps a minimal level of dirt buildup. Our know-how has been proven for some years and case studies by further expanding our range of post-sale services to include triangular, radial and pentagonal wire racks units, therefore coming in all shapes. The range of load capacity in average goes from 600-800 lb. Per shelf.